Wise: ‘I’m incredibly proud of our team’

It’s hard to believe that just seven weeks ago on May 20 VBM’s five summer interns met in my outdoor workspace at my house for our first VoiceBox Media internship meeting. There were storytelling and hashtag ideas, deadline discussions, and conversations about the vision of VoiceBox Media and the reason WHY we found ourselves on this selective team of innovators.

Since that day, we have continued those discussions in coffee shops, local restaurants, my office and house, the university library, and through text, email, social media and phone.



And Mondays are now my favorite day of the week. It’s the day we gather for face-to-face brainstorming and strategizing, and where we have the opportunity for everyone to hear about the projects we’re working on.


In seven weeks, our VoiceBox Media public relations interns James and Brittani have increased our social media presence across nine platforms and work hard to engage with our online community. James produces our weekly video updates and they both are working on an end-of-summer promotional video highlighting every member of the summer team. They are my go-to folks when there is new content on the site awaiting distribution. They are currently planning our Aug. 9 presentation at Texas State University, as well as working with our storytellers in the field.

As we speak, Chelsea is packing her bags for Cambodia where she will volunteer for a month with EDventure International at an elephant sanctuary. She’ll be providing updates and writing from the field. She produced a story about a local San Marcos-based nonprofit that serves widows in Rwanda and this story was the first one published by the San Marcos Daily Record.


Ishmael produced a story package about a nonprofit that reaches out to those who suffer from hydrocephalus, and this story was published July 6 in the San Marcos Daily Record. He’s currently working on two stories, which we are eager to bring to you.

This week you will hear from Rey, who is working on a story from McAllen, Texas and the Catholic Charities organization there that is helping undocumented individuals. He will also be in the field this week working on a story about a San Marcos-based nonprofit that’s reaching out to a needy portion of town. His story about the Center for Refugee Services in San Antonio published on our site June 27.

I’m incredibly proud of our team and the work they’re doing every day to bring you quality stories about local changemakers. If you have a story idea about a nonprofit in your local area that you think needs to be told, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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