Who is Margaret Costantino?

Conducting my first interview as a journalist for Voicebox Media was very rewarding. I was able to sit down with Margaret Costantino, the director of the Center for Refugee Services in San Antonio. We chatted for an hour and talked about the different things that make up her organization. She was extremely inspiring and amazed me with the passion she has for her center.

She talked to me about some of the struggles that refugees face when settling into American culture, as well as the mission of her organization.

“Our mission is to help resettled refugees acclimate to American culture with a focus on educational support, health and wellness and employment assistance. Everything that makes a person successful in this country fall under one of those, or all of those categories,” she said.

As our conversation was coming to an end, she suggested that I speak to some of the children from her center, so that I can get to know them and learn about their stories.

I cannot wait to hear about their lives and their accomplishments thus far in the United States and share their stories with you.

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