What you can gain from the first VBM Event

We are so excited to get people involved with VoiceBox Media, whether it be for an internship, or just because you’re passionate about what we do.

Our presentation and informational session Aug. 9 at Texas State University is a great place for you to get involved with us!

You’re going to be treated to two Ignite-style presentations, along with a video production and a panel discussion with the founder and interns of VoiceBox Media. You will learn more about us as an organization and then you’ll hear about the work our interns have done, including being published in local media outlets and their coverage of some of the nation’s most-talked-about stories.

“This event is a great opportunity for students across many storytelling platforms to learn how their skillsets can be used and improved upon during the course of their internship. Are you a social media nut? We have a place for you. Love to shoot video and tell compelling visual stories? We love that too. Is writing your preferred platform? Come on board. The point is that there’s a seat for just about anyone who wants to innovate and improve their craft,” said Holly Wise, VoiceBox Media founder and internship coordinator. “If you’re remotely interested in getting involved with a grassroots humanitarian news service, this is a great chance for you to meet people in the industry and mingle with our current interns.”

During our panel discussion you will be able to ask questions directly to Holly or to any of our interns. If you cannot attend the event, don’t worry! We will be posting a video of the presentation, video and panel discussion. We will also be answering questions from Twitter. If you want a question answered and cannot attend, you can just tweet your question with the hashtag #VBMevent2014 and we will answer it for you.

“Our current summer interns have worked incredibly hard this summer to develop and execute social media campaigns, produce multimedia story packages, brainstorm, write weekly blog posts and edit videos, and this event is an accumulation of their body of work,” said Wise. “I’m so proud of their accomplishments and even more proud to show them off to everyone who attends the event live and those who join us remotely.”



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