We couldn’t have done any of THIS without you!


You all are so crucial to making sure VoiceBox Media’s stories are heard. These organizations that we are writing about, and that you guys are sharing, are finally starting to get the attention they deserve.

In the past two months VoiceBox Media has made huge strides. With everyone’s help, we have more than doubled our social media audience, started an internship program at Texas State University and we have gotten our stories published in the San Marcos Daily Record.

We will need everyone’s help more than ever in the coming months. More stories from Rey, Ishmael and Chelsea will need to be shared! Ishmael is following up on a few stories, Chelsea is going to Cambodia and Rey is working with the Redwood Baptist Church and Catholic churches in McAllen, Texas. We can spread the word on everything that these charities are doing to make a difference in the world. With everyone’s help we can really change the lives of so many people.

Yall are the best! Keep following VoiceBox Media to see what we will be up to next 🙂

thank you


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