We Couldn’t Do This Without You!

Hey VoxPop!

You guys are the best! We have more than doubled our number of social media followers in less than a month from 143 to 316 followers on Facebook alone! We definitely couldn’t have done it without all of you sharing, liking and commenting on our posts. 

Holly and us interns have been working hard at building our online presence. Our journalism interns have been searching for the best nonprofit organizations to highlight. They have been writing their stories, taking a lot of pictures and giving us weekly video updates. So far, Chelsea has written a story on True Vineyard Ministries, a nonprofit that provides jobs for Rwandan genocide victims. Rey has started a story about the Center for Refugee Services in San Antonio, a nonprofit that helps resettled refugees acclimate to American culture. Ishmael has started a story on Hydro Angels Over America, a New Braunfels nonprofit thats goal is the expansion of research of hydrocephalus.

The public relations interns James and I (Brittani) have been working hard to make sure people are visiting our site and reading all of these amazing stories. We try to makes sure that we are posting at least twice a day on Facebook and Twitter. Most of our post’s come from one of our other sites.  We work together on Pinterest and Tumblr to share our stories, FrontBack and Instagram for our photos and Vine and YouTube to post videos. Every week James makes a video of all our Vines compiled together to update everyone on what we are doing. I try to make a couple of picture quotes every week to try to get more viewers to the VBM sites.

You all are the most important part of our social media puzzle! Without all of you our posts and stories would not be seen or heard, and that is the point of VBM. To give its viewers the opportunity to read, see and hear how change is occurring around the globe. So thank you all for the continued support! Make sure to check back with us for more inspiring stories and posts.

May I suggest that it be CREATING JOY for others, SHARING what we have for the betterment of person kind, BRINGING HOPE to the lost and LOVE to the lonely. – Leo Buscaglia

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