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Hey Vox’Rs!

Maybe some of you are wondering why we are calling you all “Vox’Rs.” Well, we wanted to think of something to refer to everyone who is supporting our cause and reading our blog. We chose “Vox’Rs,” which is short for VoiceBox-ers, and “VoxPop,” which is short for VoiceBox Population, to address you all and to add as a hashtag into our posts. You all are really helping get VoiceBox Media’s message out there, so we needed something special to call you.

Hashtags in the social media world are used as a way to create an informal discussion. Everything we tag with a “#” at the beginning of the word will turn into a clickable link that will take you to every time we have used that particular hashtag. For example, if we used the #VoxPop hashtag in one of our tweets, you could click that hashtag and it would take you to all the times that we have used it in other posts.

Hashtags do not work on all social media platforms, such as blogging, but they are used on the majority of sites.

Some other hashtags we are using are #SupportTheSource, #VBHQ and #VBSpotlight.

#SupporttheSource, #VBSpotlight and #SignalBoost are all hashtags we will be using to get the message out about VBM and the other nonprofits we are trying to promote. #VBHQ stands for VoiceBox Media Headquarters, which we will be using pretty much anytime we post something to VBM.

We will use other hashtags such as, #VoiceBoxMedia, #TXST, #Internship, #nonprofit and #giveback. The chances of people coming across our site, or reading our posts will increase with every hashtag we use.

It is also a great idea to use a hashtag that people are already using and following. The hashtag #SignalBoost is a popular hashtag on Twitter that people use to try to reach a bigger audience. This is precisely what I am trying to accomplish at VBM so we are going to be using hashtags every time we post something. Hopefully that will lead to more followers and even more support!

#SupporttheSource, right!?

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