VoiceBox Media partners with Murray State University journalism class

Poverty in Murray and Calloway County, Kentucky was the focus of Dr. Melony A. Shemberger’s capstone journalism class at Murray State University and her students produced a series of nine stories detailing its depths.

When I visited Murray State University in October to deliver a series of lectures about VoiceBox Media, I had the pleasure of meeting members of Shemberger’s class and in the course of our conversation, they told me about their project – the Murray Poverty Project.

Murray – a town of about 18,000 people in Western Kentucky – is the Calloway County seat, and the county ranks the highest in poverty rates out of the eight Western Kentucky counties surrounding it, according to an article by Christopher Gibson.

This social issue was adopted by Shemberger’s class and they spent their fall semester reporting on the problem, the people and the solution.

VoiceBox Media is hosting their content on a site dedicated to the Murray Poverty Project. I believe these students have told stories that beg to be distributed to a large audience and because Shemberger shares this belief, we have collaborated to do just that.

Do you live in Murray? Do you live in Calloway County? Do you live in a place that resembles them? Do you live in a place that looks nothing like them, and yet your community is faced with the same challenges?

Then these stories are for you.

And we ask that you join us in shouting from the rooftops: THIS IS HAPPENING. THIS IS THE PROBLEM.


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