VoiceBox Media is different

I’ve covered a lot of different things while being a reporter in college, but working with VoiceBox Media is different. I feel that all the work my coworkers and I do is very important, but more importantly, very meaningful to us.

VoiceBox Media gives us a lot of freedom to be original. The freedom is good because it allows us to be genuinely curious, do research and be creative.

I often don’t feel that it’s an internship because I’m always enjoying the work I do. I also know that if I ever need any help with anything, or have questions, that our boss will be more than willing to assist us. Having a great boss also makes the experience so much more enjoyable because it motivates you to want to create great quality work.

VoiceBox Media is a different type of internship where you are able to do meaningful things for yourself and others.

I cannot wait to share my next story! I have found three different organizations that I want to talk about, but we’ll see which I decide to do first, so be on the lookout!

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