VoiceBox Media is at Murray State University

One of my favorite things about this work at VoiceBox Media is watching the partnerships that unfold, and I’m both happy and humbled to introduce you to our most recent internship partnership with students at Murray State University.

Alissa, Allison and Adrienne are joining our team and will work from their coverage area of Murray/Calloway County, Kentucky.

Adrienne will apply her journalistic skills to provide in-depth reporting on how the community is responding to methamphetamine users, and how the city and community is providing solutions to people who are panhandling for resources.

You might recognize Allison from our summer team. She spent the summer elevating our social media strategies to the next level and I’m proud she’s continuing on with us. She continues her work with our social media platforms and also serves as our website editor to make sure our content is reaching our maximum audience.

Alissa is our media coordinator. She is establishing relationships between VoiceBox and media outlets in Western Kentucky. She is also responsible for our publicity and event planning in Murray and the Western Kentucky region.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media networks to read their blog posts and stories.

To reach Alissa, Allison or Adrienne, please email them at thevoiceboxmedia@gmail.com.

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