VBM team volunteers for Lizzy’s Hospice House

Recently, the VoiceBox Media team spent a Saturday morning volunteering for Lizzy’s Hospice House at the Mighty Texas Dog Walk in Austin.

We began our morning by meeting together at 5:30 a.m. for a much-needed breakfast and coffee before we began our journey to south Austin. After arriving, we met with Karen, the founder of Lizzy’s Hospice House, who spoke to us about her passion to care for animals of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Lizzy’s Hospice House is a nonprofit organization that offers companionship and a home environment to animals who are elderly, terminally ill and homeless.

After hearing about her cause and what we’d be doing that day, we were introduced to some of Lizzy’s Hospice House companions: Shawny, Momo and Cheyanne. Karen began to share some of the hardships each dog faced throughout their lives but with love and care they were all embracing their new lives together.

We spread the word about Lizzy’s Hospice House by handing out flyers, taking pictures and even doing a little dog walking. And after a little convincing, I wore the Lizzy’s Hospice House dog costume!


People came to us and shared personal stories of their own pet loss and the thought of the home gave many people comfort in the fact that someone out there was caring for forgotten pets.

Volunteering for Lizzy’s Hospice House was fun, emotional, but most of all, it showed me another side of compassion for animals.

We left that day with smiles on our faces knowing that we helped someone who was striving to really make the world a better place for everyone.

You can help Karen and her senior animals, by making a donation here.

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