VBM Social Media Strategy

Hey Vox’Rs,

It’s Brittani here! It’s only been a week but I am having the best time interning at VoiceBox Media. In these past few days I feel like we have accomplished so much. Me and James White have been trying to get the VBM social media strategy up and going. So far we have increased our Facebook following by 60 percent! We have also added some other social sites to boost our following and we invite you to engage with us there: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, FrontBack, Vine, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr  and LinkDin.

On our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr pages we will post any text, pictures, links, quotes or videos of everything we are doing and anything that relates to VBM, such as inspiring quotes or pictures, stories of different nonprofits, and anything that relates to VBM and the helping of others. Vine and YouTube are both ways to post our videos. Vine videos can only be six seconds, so we will be doing quick updates on different things that VBM is doing. This week we have already made a few Vines of what us interns are up to!

On our YouTube channel we will post our longer, more informative videos. Instagram and FrontBack are all about photos and we will be posting pictures daily of what VBM is doing. We also have our Google+ page which links our Gmail and YouTube. It’s not just a social media site but also a site that helps us to navigate some of our social media strategies. Lastly, we have our LinkedIn page, which is more of a professional profile for VBM.

By the end of the summer we are hoping for our following on our social media sites to reach 1,500 Vox’Rs. We are already at around 300 on all of our different sites. So I’m feeling confident that we can reach our goal!

I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity to help VBM increase their audience. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, we will have made an impact that will help VBM get the attention it needs to really thrive and help even more non-governmental and nonprofit organizations.

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