VBM partners with San Marcos newspaper

We like celebrating milestones at VoiceBox Media, and we love sharing those celebratory moments with you.

(You make us awesome.)

There’s something really great I want to tell you.

(Are you ready?)

Last week VoiceBox Media formed its first partnership with a local newspaper.


What does that mean?

It means the content our VoiceBox Media summer associates create could appear in the San Marcos Daily Record!

And why should we celebrate?

Because the stories we tell will reach a larger audience.


But how does it work?

Step One: A VoiceBox Media summer associate produces a multimedia story package about a local organization making a difference in the community and it is published on VoiceBox Media’s site.

(Example: Chelsea’s story about True Vineyard Ministries, or Ishmael’s story about Hydro Angels over America, or Rey’s story about the Center for Refugee Services)

Step Two: The editors at the local news source peruse VoiceBox Media’s site and choose the story they think will best serve their audience.

Step Three: They publish it.

It’s happening.

(And we are so excited)

Chelsea’s story and photos about TVM’s work in Rwanda appeared in the Sunday, June 29 edition of the San Marcos Daily Record, and Ishmael’s story about Hydro Angels over America will be printed in this Sunday’s edition (July 6).

What does it really mean?

It means that more people will learn about the changemakers in their communities and (maybe) be inspired to make their own difference in their corner of the world. And, for those who are tirelessly working to change people’s lives, our stories can inspire them that they are not alone.

(Now let’s celebrate.)

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