VBM journalist eager to tell local stories

It’s been an interesting short time for me so far at VoiceBox Media. I’ve already felt more in tune with the local Central Texas community just by researching the nonprofits¬†in the area.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be going to New Braunfels to speak with Sheri Burdine, the founder of Hydro Angels Over America, an organization dedicated to the education and expansion of research of hydrocephalus. She seemed very excited to speak with me and got me equally anxious to hear their story.

Without giving away too much content in my upcoming piece, hydrocephalus is a condition that is essentially an abnormal amount of fluid in a person’s brain. I had never heard of hydrocephalus until I started looking into organizations, but these are the kind of stories I was hoping to learn more about by being part of VoiceBox Media. My previous writing has been mostly focused on beat writing to college athletics and, at times, music, but never something this hyperlocal and life changing.

Spending almost four years in the San Marcos area, I feel there is more to the community than what gets covered in the media around the region and I hope to give those people a chance to speak. Helping myself become a better reporter and overall human is one of the reasons I took this opportunity and embrace the challenge.

I can’t wait to finish my first piece and I already have ideas for my next ones. Let’s hope this is the start of something great!

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