VBM internship provides learning opportunities

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I agreed to work with VoiceBox Media. I loved the concept, but wasn’t exactly knowledgeable of what was going to happen and how the process was going to go in regards to writing the stories and coming up with content.

The flow of ideas has undoubtedly made me not only a better researcher, but it has taught me an important lesson in journalism: always have backup plans! During the summer it’s going to be difficult to get sources and stories because everyone is on vacation or just not in business for certain periods of time. But nonetheless you have to have a plan in place just in case those things happen.

As I work on putting together my next story, I have benefited from having plans in place to produce content when certain things fall through. Not only has my experience thus far through VoiceBox given me a chance to enhance my storytelling and put me in the forefront of my community’s nonprofit sector, it has taught me lessons in journalism to not let setbacks put off my progress.

It’s only officially been a month, but I feel myself, and my fellow interns as a whole have already learned so much in the field. The next month to come surely will produce more lessons to benefit and grow from.

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