Unplug your holidays and put down your damn phone

Have you ever had a moment when you truly want to kick yourself? Like, you’re so disappointed in your actions that you want to travel back in time and shake your younger self? I just had that moment. Well, several of those moments, and maybe you can relate.

This last month has been truly eye-opening for me. I’ve learned many harsh lessons, and I’ve had to take responsibility for inconsiderate actions. You see, I’ve realized I’m no longer living life through my eyes. My world has become virtual.

I’m living life through a phone screen.

I’m constantly taking pictures, trying to capture the “perfect” moment for social media. Obsessing over the proper filters and timing my posts to get the most likes (which I’m failing at by the way). I’m no longer taking in life’s precious moments, truly appreciating them for what they are. No, instead I’m viewing life through a five inch by three inch screen.

What absolutely kills me is that this cell phone addiction has taken time away from what matters most: my loved ones. Recently, my grandmother passed away and it’s been a tough experience for my family. I loved my grandma immensely. Now, I’m ashamed of how many moments I wasted with her because I was on my damn phone.

I was always trying to capture the perfect photo or video to prove to the world how great of a time I was having with her, instead of actually spending time with her.

We all do it, try to prove to the world how awesome of a time we are having by posting photos and not actually taking in the moment. We are so focused on preserving the moment for others’ viewing pleasure that we stop living a life worthwhile.

Life is too short to live through a virtual screen. Take in life’s precious moments with your own eyes.

So for this Thanksgiving and holiday season, I challenge you. Put the phone down. Don’t waste time getting the Instagram-worthy photo, and don’t ignore your family members for the sake of viewing others’ “perfect” moments on social media. Even if your family  can get on your nerves, you’ll miss these moments one day. I guarantee it.

Just simply be. Just simply live. Happy Holidays, everyone.

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