True Vineyard Ministries: New flock of Merino sheep

Recently True Vineyard Ministries, a nonprofit in San Marcos, Texas, experienced illness in their flock of Merino sheep in Rwanda.

The sheep are vital¬†for True¬†Vineyard Ministries’ program called Handspun Hope where the sheep are used to provide job opportunities to Rwandan genocide victims. To read more about True Vineyard Ministries and Handspun Hope, you can read my previous article here.

The sheep in Rwanda had a parasitic infestation, which resulted in anemia among the flock. According to True Vineyard Ministries’ website, the sheep get quarterly checkups and treatment but a long rainy season has made that process difficult, resulting in the death of six Merino sheep.

Fortunately, a contact in Kenya, who imported sheep to TVM some years ago, reached out with good news informing TVM that a trailer could import a new flock of sheep in a trailer to Rwanda. This trailer can hold up to 100 sheep!

In an effort to revive, restore and grow the flock, TVM recently held a campaign to purchase the 100 sheep with the help of donor support. On Nov. 3, True Vineyard Ministries wrote on their Facebook page that through support, donations and the help of many individuals, they were able to raise enough money to purchase the 100 sheep.

This is huge in helping support the victims of the Rwandan genocide and giving the widows a chance to improve their quality of life in Rwanda.

The new flock are currently being quarantined to undergo health checks, but by mid-December, the 100 new sheep shall find their new home in Rwanda.


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