Trinity Aquifer Gets Drained

Water is a part of our everyday life.

Without it, we would not survive.

In times of global change, it’s very important to be aware of what is happening around the area regarding water and anything environmentally. That being said, I was a little concerned and sad by the future drilling that is going to start in the Trinity Aquifer near Wimberley.

According to the Texas Tribune, “Houston-based Electro Purification hopes to eventually pump 5 million gallons of water daily from the Trinity Aquifer and sell it to some of Austin’s fastest growing Hill County Suburbs”. These suburbs include Buda and others in the area. This well drilling is a tricky topic because the well fields are not in a protected area of the Aquifer so no one has a say in what can happen in this area.

I was proud of fellow Hays County residents who have been attending meetings and letting their voices be heard to argue the negative effects which will impact several communities. Although Elecro Purification says that the pumping will not affect anyone, hydrologist such as Brian Hunt, are worried about the impact.

Hunt says that the amount of water withdrawal in the area could cause water in residential wells to drop more than 50 feet in a year.

Meetings are still being held to discuss the water pumping but unfortunately there is not much that can be done. One option is the Hays-Trinity Groundwater Conservation District could try to annex the unregulated portion of the Trinity but seeing as the district doesn’t have the money and it’s not an easy process, that choice is looking a little grim.

I do hope for the sake of the area I live in and earth as a whole that change happens because in a fast growing area such as central Texas, water shortage is nothing to mess with.

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