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August 5: Concluding thoughts for #TrackChelsea

“After flying out of South Korea at 11 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 3, I finally made it back home and landed at 10 a.m. on Aug. 3 back in Dallas. It was a very long day once I got back to my house seeing as I didn’t sleep and it was the same day all over again. In case you were wondering, my first meal back home was a bowl of cereal.

I can’t even begin to explain how much this trip impacted me and consumed my heart. Cambodia was nothing I expected it to be and I think that’s why I loved it so much. I’ve always had a love for traveling and being immersed in another country’s culture, but my time doing hard work abroad made that passion even stronger. Now that I’m home, I’m going to remember everything I learned to live a more simple and loving life. The people and animals I met have changed me so much, and I am truly grateful for everyone that made this trip possible and everyone I met along the way.”

July 27: (As typed in a Tuk Tuk ride on a bumpy road): “The past two days have been extremely tiring working in the sun to help build a school. We’ve been splitting bamboo and making it smooth with machetes in addition to mixing cement and building the walls. Working with the Khmer people has been so much fun as well. The Khmer are some of the nicest and most helpful people I’ve ever met. Tomorrow starts our work teaching the school children who want extra help with their English. All classes are learning science with a focus on mammals, reptiles and the cycle of life. My class in particular are a tiny bit more advanced and range from ages 7-18, because they are separated by comprehension level not age. I’m excited to get to see the children who are so eager to learn, while finishing a school so that the desire to learn becomes a possibility.” July 21: It’s 8:29 a.m. Tuesday and Chelsea is halfway through her trip already! She tells us: “We finished working with the elephants a couple days ago and now we are in Kratie doing some exploring of the city and sightseeing around the area. On Wednesday we head to Siem Reap where we begin work on Saturday after a couple more days of seeing the city there. Once we are there we will spend six days building and teaching at a local school.” July 17: “Today is our last day with the elephants. We are going out to see one more family group before lunch and possibly go to a waterfall after lunch. Yesterday, after we finished planting banana trees, we gave two elephants baths and fed them bananas. Once we’re finished with our work at the Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri, Cambodia, we are heading to Siem Reap to finish building a school and teach English.” Cambodia2 July 15 @ 6:44 p.m.: It’s 6:44 in Cambodia and we’re hearing from Chelsea: “This morning we are going to clear an area of grass and plant banana trees in the jungle. It’s going to be hard work seeing, as the grass is almost to my neck, but well worth it!” July 15 @ 7:07 a.m.: It is 9 p.m. Tuesday in Cambodia and look who Chelsea got to meet today! July 14: It was 8 p.m. Monday in Cambodia when we heard from Chelsea (at 6 a.m. our time). She says that it’s “been a downpour” every day since they arrived. “We met the elephants this morning at 8 am and they are so beautiful but you can tell their lives haven’t been easy. Tomorrow starts our first day of work and we will be planting banana tree fields. After seeing the elephants again, of course. Talk to y’all hopefully soon!” July 12: Chelsea has arrived safely in Cambodia! July 11: After a 15-hour flight to Seoul and a 3-hour layover followed by a 5-hour flight to Thailand, Chelsea texted us today from Bangkok to let everyone know she’s there safely and awaiting travel to Cambodia with her EDventure International team. July 9: Chelsea finished packing her bags for Cambodia and enjoyed her last day in the States (until early August) with her family. She told us: “Packing took a total of 30 minutes deciding what to take and what to leave. I decided only taking carry on luggage wasn’t possible due to the amount of bug repellent and sunscreen I need. But I’m packed and ready to go and enjoying my last day in the states until August 3!” Follow #trackchelsea to keep up with her travels and adventures in Cambodia! IMG959559 IMG951031

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  1. What a wonderful girl! I’m so excited for the opportunities she will have over there.

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