The meaning of Veteran’s Day

As the son of a 20+ year Army veteran, Veteran’s Day has come to remind me of not only my father’s bravery, but the appreciation for others’ sacrifice.

I’ve always been thankful for my father’s service. Not only because of the basic disciplines and respects that are associated with military service, but also due to how he’s used his knowledge and character to impact my life. My dad fought in Desert Storm shortly after my birth and was in Afghanistan recently despite being years retired. Although he’s not enlisted anymore he continues to serve the country any way he can.

Everywhere today flags were raised and parades were had. The nation was in unity of commemorating those who fought for our way of life.

My father, Ivory Johnson Jr., with the first female general of the United States Army, Ms Elizabeth Hosington.

However, Veteran’s Day is also a day of remembrance to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The date coincides with the end of World War I, the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month.

It’s a time for everyone to remember that our way of life is not without sacrifice. And the biggest privilege of our way of life is that there are individuals who are willing to make that sacrifice for us. Men and women elect to put their lives on the line for millions whom they will never know.

Veteran’s Day comes only once a year, but every day should be a day that we, at the very least, acknowledge and honor those who served in our nation’s military.

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