The 100th Blogpost: Thankfulness

I was originally going to write about the 10 helpful things you can do this Halloween, but I felt a blogging milestone as big as hitting the 100th blog post needed something more sentimental than making sure to wear a reflector while you’re out trick-or-treating.

With awesome timing, this post comes around when all of us at VoiceBox Media have been around long enough to start feeling things towards VoiceBox Media. I feel very thankful for this opportunity that Holly Wise has given to us through VBM. I’ve met some of the most passionate and driven people through this internship so far, their flame fueling my own flame. There’s no doubt that VBM has left an impact, and the best part is, there’s still a lot of time left. I can’t imagine how enriching my experiences with VBM will be when I say goodbye away from this internship.  For the mean time, I’m going to give it my best. 10456002_871923186165704_8224082851354595950_n With these feeling swirling inside me, Paulina and I came up with the idea of asking the other members how they felt. Given our epic schedule, I got a hold of a few of them!

Paulina Fuentes I always knew public relations was the right career for me but I never saw myself working with big PR firm or anything related. I must admit desperation was striking me when I discovered VoiceBox Media. A non-profit who involves doing PR for other non-profits, it couldn’t be more perfect! I must admit this is the first internship that I don’t want it to be over. I enjoy working for VBM so much, not only are we covering important social events but the team I am working with is just wonderful. Everybody is dedicated and passionate about what we do and working with Holly is every interns dream. She ask, she listens, she takes every opinion into consideration creating a creative environment and also she has a great sense of humor. What I love most about VoiceBox Media is that we care.

Claudia Escobar Working for VoiceBox Media this semester has been a really rewarding experience. The founder, Holly, has been such a great person to work for. Her dedication to making a change via VoiceBox and her dedication to us interns shows what an outstanding person she is. Holly is always more than happy to help when you need her and having that support makes me want to do a great job in everything I do for VoiceBox.

James White

Working for VoiceBox Media has been an absolute delight! The lighthearted, hardworking team works to get the job done while having fun! I feel like I’m a part of a giant family that all share the same goals and aspirations in the nonprofit community. I can’t wait to see what happens to VoiceBox Media and where the tide will take us.

While I listen to Korea’s BESTie, I want to say thank you very much to the one and only, Holly wise, for allowing us to be part of the VBM team experience. I can’t wait to soak up more rewarding experiences. HAPPY 100th BLOG POST and THANK YOU!!

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