Texas State University to address child trafficking

When we were discussing the situation that the children coming from Central America are going through, we came across one of the reasons for them to escape their country: Child trafficking. Sadly, many of them are very unfortunate and while traveling through Mexico, they run into the same situation they are escaping from.

Just the thought of this situation makes my heart shrink—it is just horrifying. But, if we educate ourselves about this situation we will be more capable of actually doing something.

As part of the University Lecture Series, Texas State University is hosting a three-day event this week called “Ending Child Trafficking through Education and Economic Empowerment” by James Kofi Annan, an internationally recognized child rights activist. Annan is the founder of Challenging Heights, which works to protect and improve the lives of children who were rescued from child labor situations in Ghana.

Annan will be joined by Dr. Jessica Pliley, a professor in Texas State’s Department of History, and by John Nehme, president and CEO of Allies Against Slavery.



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It will be very interesting to hear Mr. Kofi because it will be like an insight to the subject explained by somebody who deals with it on his day to day life.

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