Texas State Celebrates Arbor Day

In case you didn’t know (as I), Arbor Day is a holiday in which people are encouraged to plant and take care of trees.┬áThe word “arbor” comes from Latin and it means tree, very similar to how it is called in Spanish “arbol.” Arbor Day is usually in the spring but the date varies depending on climate and planting conditions.

This celebration originated in the small village of Villanueva de la Sierra, Spain. The local priest don Ramon Vacas Roxo knew the importance of trees for health, hygiene, and for the environment. He decided to create a festival in which trees would be planted, followed by a feast and a dance.

The first Arbor Day celebrated in America was on 1872 in Nebraska City by J. Sterling Morton. An estimated of one million trees were planted that day.

Texas State University was recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation and Toyota as a Tree Campus USA school in 2011. In order to maintain this recognition, this Friday November 7 , with the collaboration of the City of San Marcos-Habitat Conservation, Texas State Storm Water Protection, Texas State Bobcat Blend and Texas State-Recycling Services, we will celebrate this holiday.

There will be several booths set up on the grounds outside of the Roy F. Mitte building that will be providing information on environmental conservation, protection and sustainability. There will be demonstrations of mulching, composing and maintenance of the Bobcat Trees planted during our 2012 Arbor Day.

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