Claudia Escobar

VBMClaudiaName: Claudia Escobar

Texas State University

Where are you from: Venezuela, and grew up in Houston, Texas

What excites you about the world? The possibility of the world excites me. The fact that I’m only a plane ride away from different cultures, people, and places is refreshing. Whether that be a plane ride across the ocean or just a plane ride across Texas; The fact that the opportunity is there for me to take is very exciting.

What are you most looking forward during your time at VoiceBox Media? I’m looking forward to sharpening and learning new skills in public relations. Not only do I get to sharpen my skills, but I will do it in an environment that is promoting positive changes for the world. I’ve always wanted to get involved in something that will benefit others and I love that I’ll get a chance to be a part of that with VoiceBox Media. The past year I’ve been working for the campus radio station on the promotions department and social media department and am looking forward to using the skills I learned there for VoiceBox Media.

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