Chelsea Seifert

IMG954001Name: Chelsea Seifert

Texas State University

Major: Journalism and sociology

Where are you from? Burleson, Texas

What excites you about the world? Other than traveling and immersing myself in other cultures, and despite social, political and cultural complexities, we are all still human. No matter how different we seem and in most cases are, we are very much so connected by our abilities to connect with each other.

What’s your favorite hobby? What really makes my soul sing, is being outside and enjoying nature. Hiking, traveling, swimming, bike riding or simply reading a good book outside gives me a sense of peace that is hard to find elsewhere.

What are you most looking forward to during your time at VoiceBox Media? I’m always excited to write about people who have interesting stories so it excites me even more when I can write and know that my stories aren’t simply meant to fill space but to see change in the world.

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