Brooke Gee-Lowry

Brooke Gee-LowryBrooke Gee-Lowry currently serves as the Executive Assistant of Lowry Farms, Inc. where she works closely with her husband and father-in-law.  She has been a part of the farm for five years, allowing her to contribute with a wide breadth of responsibility.  Her careful, systematic approach, comfort in working independently and respect for confidentiality are valuable qualities in the various roles she plays.

Brooke attended Murray State University studying Public Relations and Youth Non-Profit Leadership.  She resides in Pilot Oak, Kentucky with her husband, Vince, their son, Vinn, and three dogs, Elfie the Greyhound, Tank the Labradoodle, and Brutus the Chihuahua.
Brooke is passionate about people and relationships and enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, music, good books and anything artistic.

She has had a very unique vantage point to observe this organization from its roots when it was merely a dream.  What you see from the outside is what is actually present internally; a true authenticity, which is an amazing trait to have.  She could not be more honored to be a part of VoiceBox Media.

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