Student journalists collaborate to tell a community’s story

I’m very excited to bring you my next story with VoiceBox Media! I decided to meet the people who volunteer at Redwood Baptist Church in San Marcos, Texas.

It’s another story that really touched my heart because it allowed me to see the passion in the volunteers who serve their community, especially during the summer.

When I drove out to the Redwood area I did not know what to expect, but I knew I was going there with an open mind and heart.

It was nice to see all the children running around and having a good time. It seemed like they did not have a care in the world, which was refreshing.

Every volunteer I met was so eager and excited to talk about the work they do with Redwood during the summer. The people who seek their services were also more than willing to share their experiences with me.

This is also the first story that I did not work on alone. James White, another intern with VoiceBox Media, went out to Redwood with me and was photographing and recording video.

It was a great collaborative experience and I cannot wait to showcase what James and I were able to capture.

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