Storytelling at VoiceBox Media is underway!

Hello Vox’Rs! I hope you all are having a fantastic day!

I have now been with Voicebox Media for a couple weeks and it’s been a blast! The people I am working with are fantastic and always have great and innovative ideas on how to keep making Voicebox Media amazing.

I have really enjoyed doing research on different NGOs and deciding whose story I am going to tell. There are so many different NGOs that are doing fantastic work, so it makes the selection process so much more difficult. One thing that excites me is that not only will I be producing a story, but I’ll also be incorporating a video and photo element to my story to help paint a broader picture.

I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow with an NGO in San Antonio, so I am very excited to talk to them in-depth about their organization, as well as speak to some of the people who are currently receiving some of the services they offer.

My goal for the end of the summer is to have learned as much about these people who have created these organizations, as well as those who have benefited from them, so that I can tell meaningful and powerful stories.

Be sure to follow us across all social media platforms for more updates and to join us as we are embarking on our journey during the summer!

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