Story coming Thursday: Hydro Angels Over America

Editor’s note: VoiceBox Media journalist, Ishmael Johnson, writes about Hyrdo Angels Over America, a Texas-based nonprofit that supports those suffering from hydrocephalus. Look for the story to be published June 19!

Sheri Burdine, founder of Hydro Angels Over America, shows in this video what a cerebral shunt is and how it’s used in the human body. The tube is what is responsible for diverting liquid from the brain to other parts of the body.

The shunt is the most common and effective treatment to hydrocephalus and was invented in 1962. It is applied through brain surgery near the back of the head going down to the neck area. The technology has not been improved much since its invention and Burdine says the lifespan, if you’re lucky, is about two years, but they commonly break and need to be repaired more often than that.

Watch Sheri explain the process of inserting the tube.

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