We live in a society where it is more common to have a phone in hand than not.

We live in a social media world. We wake up and check social media. We cook breakfast and check social media. We get ready for work, get in the car and check social media. Social media has become a drug that society can’t put down.

In public places, whether it is class or the local coffee shop, when you take a look around, everyone is locked into their phones. Last week I realized how I, too, have become a victim of this when I found out from Twitter that it was raining and not from looking out of the window next to me.

Social media became a battle we needed to fight long before we knew we needed to.

As a student working toward a career in the public relations industry, I realize the benefits that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can bring in for a company. Social media has become an outlet for users to get messages to their audiences more rapidly than ever before. They also help us stay updated on the latest details of current events.

We should all jump in joy at this, right? Not so much.

It’s Not All Retweets and Butterflies

Social media has endless opportunities of use, but many stop at socializing.

Social media has endless opportunities of use, but many stop at socializing.

My beef with social media is what we are doing with it and how we use it.

Twitter has given us so much immediate access to high professionals and celebrities.  Are we using these platforms to help build a cause to social change and make a diligent effort to build our society up to be something greater, or are we using these platforms to wait and prey on Twitter’s next scandal?

Who Won Anyways

For a month, I scrolled through my Twitter timeline to read the latest updates on an ongoing argument between Drake and Meek Mill, two rappers who took to social media to confront their differences. Twitter rallied behind these two guys and drew enough attention to have stories run in national news and for new songs to be written in attack of the other (I’d be lying if I said I don’t know every word in Back to Back – good job, Drake).

The conversation of what Drake and Meek Mill would do next to call the other out flooded conversations for weeks.

Seek Change, Not Followers

My problem is that I would rather see #EndWorldHunger or #BeatCancer take over my timeline. I would rather see people continually tweeting and retweeting ways to get help to necessary causes rather than giving free PR to people in the music industry.

We have the tools necessary at our fingertips to help all the people around us in need. We have resources for the efforts. What we think we lack is the time.

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