Our process of iteration usually involves a whiteboard

On the third floor of the Austin American-Statesman in downtown Austin alongside Lady Bird Lake our VoiceBox Media team convenes weekly to brainstorm story ideas, events and sometimes broader concepts like our motto.

We know that our mission is to distribute solutions-based journalism that focuses on how communities respond to social problems that exist within them. This mission is what drives our current reporting project: Children On The Edge, which examines how Texas communities are responding to the Central American refugees fleeing violence in their home countries.

Sometimes it’s important to step back and evaluate how we’re delivering that message.

That’s why at a recent meeting we (myself and four Texas State University interns) asked ourselves: What do we do, who do we it for and why?

That’s where the whiteboard came in.


We agreed that at the very least we want to educate our audience with our stories.

If you read just one piece and you are informed or made aware of an issue you didn’t know before, that’s part of our education mission. The next step on the continuum would be to inspire you, followed by engaging you in conversation about the topic, or sharing our content with your social networks. The fourth step is action, whether it be volunteering with an organization, making a donation or holding the door open for the UPS man juggling too many packages.

That’s what led us to:

Be educated. Be inspired. Be the change. 

And it’s fitting. If there were only three things we could say to you, it would be just that.

Be educated. Be inspired. Be the change. 

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