Net Neutrality – Are You Ready for an Internet that is NOT Neutral?




If you’re not worried about Net Neutrality you should be! I was like you a few weeks ago until it came up in conversation with a friend. I did some research of my own and am now freaking out, myself.

Many people are not aware of what Net Neutrality is, but in a nutshell it’s what we have right now in America – a neutral Internet. We are able to browse the Internet at the same speed regardless of what website we are on. Without real Net Neutrality this will not be true any longer.

Instead, companies like Netflix will be able to pay cable/phone companies (internet providers) to guarantee their website runs at a faster speed. So, what does that mean for nonprofit companies like VoiceBox Media or websites like Etsy? It means that if they can’t afford to pay the cable companies to guarantee their websites run at a certain speed, the page load time for users could be similar to what we remember of dial-up Internet. That annoying loading button that everyone hates will become very familiar when you are trying to browse different blogs and other start-up company sites.

Are you worried yet?

Today, September 10th is when we have a chance raise our voices and fight to keep our Internet neutral.

If you would like to show your support, you can join the battle for the Internet today by changing your social media icons to the infamous loading symbol. Visit Battle for the Net for the generation code to participate.

Without Net Neutrality, Voice Box Media would become practically voiceless.

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