My return to Murray State University, home of the Racers

Returning to my alma mater, Murray State University, is one of my favorite things.

And not just walking through the quad, past Pogue Library and up to the grand Lovett Auditorium, or taking in the nostalgia of Waterfield Library or the academic memories of Faculty Hall.

My absolute favorite thing is poking my head in the journalism office in Wilson Hall, saying hi to Marion, visiting with Dr. Bob Lochte and climbing the stairs to guest lecture in the classrooms where I learned the fundamentals of storytelling less than 10 years ago.

I get that opportunity beginning Friday to be at Murray State University for three days in both the mass communication speciality and the youth and nonprofit leadership program, and I am ecstatic.

It will be an exciting three days of stimulating conversations with students from both disciplines. I’m eager to present VoiceBox Media to them, and engage with them on current trends in our industry and have authentic exchanges about┬áliving creatively within your why and taking risks to execute your mission both personally and professionally.

My five lectures will be recorded and presented on VoiceBox Media’s site, so if you’re thinking, “Gosh, I wanna hear those talks,” you’ll have the chance to! Keep up with my trip via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

There will be a great opportunity Saturday morning to sit down together over coffee at Fidalgo Bay in Murray and brainstorm about your current or future projects, VoiceBox Media, or have theological conversations about media and volunteerism, or talk about whether you want to go to graduate school or basically anything that’s on our minds. I hope you’ll join us. Next to being at Murray State University, my favorite thing is engaging with students and creative thinkers like yourself.

And because I’m a dedicated alumna, I will proudly wear my blue and gold …. GO RACERS!!

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