Money: The Travelers Worst Enemy


Photo Credit: Kaci Cunningham/VoiceBox Media

When I ask people the main reason why they don’t travel the answer is usually money. The other night I sat back and thought about this and it blew my mind. Why do we think that in order to travel  one must be rich?

Money is a myth that I feel inhibits lots of people from taking the chance to experience another culture.

One step you can take is to start saving money. Even just setting aside $20 a month starts to add up and if you begin a process like this you become one step closer to your desired adventure.

Another excuse I hear is, “I don’t have the money to fly.” Yes, flying is expensive, but if you figure out cheap lodging, that gives you more money to spend on transportation.

You can try using services like Air bnb, where people who live in the area you’re traveling to rent out rooms in their house or apartment. Another service similar to Airbnb is couchsurf. The difference between Airbnb and Couchsurf is people let you stay in a room or on a couch FOR FREE. Yes, you heard correctly, lodging that is completely free!


Photo Credit: Kaci Cunningham/VoiceBox Media

I think services like these are great not only because they provide an affordable way to pay for lodging while traveling, but also because it exposes you to the culture and gives you the opportunity to meet all kinds of interesting new people. If either of these things are something you’re just not quite comfortable with yet, there is also the option of staying in hostels, which provide cheaper lodging than if you were to pay for a hotel.

Traveling gives us the opportunity to enrich our cultural capita and money should never stop us from wanting to enhance our experiences. This world has too much to offer and not enough time to experience it all, so it is up to us to soak up as much of the world as we can.

Best of luck adventurers and happy travels!


Photo Credit: Kaci Cunningham

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