Make A Difference Day: Art for Seniors with Disabilities (ATX)

Did you know that Saturday, Oct. 25th is Make A Difference Day? Well, if you didn’t already, now you do! Make a Difference Day creates the perfect opportunity for able individuals to give back to people in their own community who are in need.

What & Why?

One of the many events taking place in the Austin area for Make A Difference day is Community Art Day for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities.

According to, “The project is aimed at restoring the self-esteem, building friendships and increasing the cognitive skills leading to stabilization in overall health of our seniors who are often overlooked.”

Through their Mobile Art Program, they will visit three different locations around Austin, bringing all of the resources, volunteers, and professional artists needed for this event. With the help of 30 volunteers, their goal is to help the seniors and adults with disabilities create 30 art projects.

The theme for the art projects is the majestic Elephant, and they will create an exhibit at the end of the day by compiling all  of the painted ceramic elephants, watercolors, and elephant masks made by the seniors and adults. Learn more about the Mobile Art Program at

When & Where?

This event will be hosted at three different nursing homes in Austin on Saturday, Oct. 25:

Maggie Johnson Nursing Center

3406 East 17th, Austin, TX

Time:9:30 AM-11:30 AM

Heritage Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

2806 Real Street, Austin, TX

Time:12:30 PM-2:30 PM

Riverside Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

6801 East Riverside Dr, Austin, TX

Time:3:30 PM-5:30 PM

Visit to register as a volunteer, find out about more projects in your area, or if you’re feeling ambitious…you can even start a project of your own!

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