Looking at future stories

Howdy Vox’Rs!

Let me get you up to date with what I’ve been working on.

I have a couple of story ideas I’m hoping I can use for my second and third story for VoiceBox Media. I’ve contacted both nonprofit organizations and am currently waiting to hear back and see if I’m approved to continue to write both stories.

One of the organizations is Family Link, a nonprofit foster care and adoption agency located in Gonzales, Texas. This past April I had the pleasure of volunteering at Family Link and immediately loved the work they do and all the hard work that is put in to provide for the children under their care. The other organization is AWARE, which stands for Always Wanted A Riding Experience. AWARE is located in San Marcos, Texas and provides a therapeutic horseback riding experience for individuals with mental, physical and/or emotional disabilities.

I am hoping to hear from both nonprofits soon because I would love to share with all of you the work that is being done at these organizations. Their passion for helping others, whether it be providing safe and comfortable housing to children or giving individuals the chance to ride a horse, is what inspires me to inspire you.


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