Johnson: Keeping the momentum going

My first story is published and I couldn’t be happier the way it turned out, but now to use that momentum to keep churning out good content.

As I plan my next stories, I had to think about how I could differ them from the Hydro Angles article to not make all nonprofits sound the same, so I thought I could write on a topic other than an illness. The two organizations I’ve looked into are the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center and Foster Angels of Central Texas.

The Hays-Caldwell County Women’s Center serve victims of family, child and sexual abuse around the area. The HCWC also advocates for abuse prevention in and around Central Texas.

Foster Angels of Central Texas provides basic needs for foster children around the region. Foster Angels also are care providers for foster kids who are in need. I hope to cover one, if not both organizations in my upcoming stories.

In other news, I was afraid for a brief moment because I was sure that I had lost all of my files and work when my computer stopped working for an afternoon, but it’s back on, my files are safe and now I can continue to write!

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