“Just jump and have faith.”

I’m leaping with as much courage I can muster, and with my friends, family, VBM colleagues and board members rallying to support this dream, and you too.

“Just jump and have faith.”

It’s amazing the faith you gain after you jump. Yes, it’s true you need a bit of courage to take that initial step (and you may even plug your nose), but there’s an amazing sense of exhilaration after you’ve launched yourself.

I’ve felt that on every step along this journey of bringing VoiceBox Media to life. From the dream in my heart, to conversations, to worrying, mulling, planning, strategizing, filing paperwork, creating this website, filing more paperwork, forming a board of directors, fundraising, and deciding to visit Kenya in February.

I’ve jumped, and I feel the faith and surge of adrenaline on my way down.

The best is yet to come.

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