Johnson: Don’t stop looking for solutions

As I wrap up my second story for VoiceBox Media, I have learned how to make a specific angle for a story work.

Without giving away the contents of my future story on the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center, originally I felt the story was missing something. I could not pinpoint it, but my story was missing something. I ended up talking with one more source and I feel that gave me the missing puzzle piece to complete the story.

From this I have learned that when you feel your story might not have enough, don’t stop looking for solutions or more content. Never settle for content, but always think of new angles and ways to make it compelling and interesting for the reader because if you’re not satisfied with your story, the reader probably won’t be satisfied reading it. I am very happy with where my story is going now.

I cannot wait to finish up because the HCWC is a fantastic organization that is assisting not just women, but everyone who deals with domestic and sexual abuse. The only thing I’ll hint at for my story is that it focuses on the organization’s  Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner shortage – why there is a shortage, what is being done and what needs to happen in order for them to have the resources they need.

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