January Newsletter

It’s been a whirlwind month for VoiceBox Media, with so many exciting and positive things happening.

We started out the month by consulting with our legal representative regarding Form 1023 – the application for federal 501(c)3 status. We are in the throes of filling out the application. We’ve done most of the legwork, so by the time it gets to the attorney, we are *this* close to submitting it to the IRS.
In the second week of January, Holly applied for her passport and purchased her ticket to Kenya. We were also busy getting documents ready for VBM’s first board meeting. It was during this week that plans were finalized for VBM to travel to Haiti.
Our board meeting, held on Jan. 19, lasted a couple hours, and was a wonderful meeting of the VBM minds. We took care of housecleaning business (approved bylaws, policies) and appointed board members to various positions. Everyone was gracious with each other while we navigated the nuances of running a board meeting.
January’s fourth week was another busy one. Holly received her passport, and the finishing touches were put on two grants that VBM is applying for. Both were successfully submitted on deadline, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Now we maintain hope that VBM will be granted the funds, which are crucial to our existence.
Connections are being made nearly every day with journalists and organizations that want to partner with VoiceBox Media. We remain humbled at the amount of support VBM is receiving. It’s quickly becoming OUR project, as more people jump on board and propel us forward.
February promises to be rewarding for VBM. Here are some things we’re looking forward to:
1) Holly’s trip to Kenya
2) The submission of Form 1023
3) Fundraising
4) Planning for future trips
Thank you for your support, and for helping us spread the word of VoiceBox Media.
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