It’s our 3rd birthday, and if you’re new to us, here’s part of our story

“A lot of times this can be the place where sometimes your best ideas come to life – when you feel like everything that has been good and wholesome in your life comes to an end. And when that ends, you think it is the end. But often when you reach that point, you find your next step is waiting for you. For me, that next step was VoiceBox.”

Our founder Holly Wise catches you up on everything from the idea of starting a news nonprofit, to actually starting one (and naming it), to some of the team’s most memorable work up to this moment, including reporting from Baltimore and South Texas.

And if you’re thinking about joining the team, she has some advice for you too.

So settle in and listen to what she describes as the being the most in-depth interview she’s ever given about VoiceBox Media – an interview she gave over the phone while sitting on the floor in her closet. Gotta love those sound-proof rooms!

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