It’s a sleeping bag, but what does it mean?

It’s a no-snag, machine washable, contoured sleeping bag. Simple. To the point. Functional.

It arrived on my doorstep from New Mexico from a former colleague-turned-friend who responded to a post of mine on Facebook: I need a sleeping bag to take with me to Ethiopia. Any takers?

I was expecting a friend within driving distance to say, “Oh yeah, I’ll drop it by your house,” or “Yeah, when I see you at the thing in the thing, I’ll bring it.”

What I got was a friend 800 miles away: “I’ve got one.”

And another friend 600 miles away: “What’s your address? I’ll put in the mail Monday.”

It’s as if the friends of VoiceBox Media are within touching distance.

It’s a sleeping bag, sure. It’ll be my only checked-in bag at the airport. It’ll be unceremoniously shoved in the back of a van or a bus and it’ll bounce around for hours and hours. It’ll be strapped on the back or side of a mule and swing 6 miles up an African mountainside. It’ll be spread on foreign soil and (hopefully) keep me warm in unknown temps. And it’ll come home with me.

It’s symbolic of all the pieces to this magnificent puzzle that have fit together to make this trip, this dream, this vision, this calling, this very VoiceBox Media possible.

Because of that, it’s sooooo much more than just a sleeping bag.

I think it needs a name.

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