How to properly celebrate “el 16 de Septiembre”

First, let me explain why this date is so important for me to write about.

I am Mexican and on this day my country got its independence from the Spanish empire who had ruled us for over three centuries. In 1810 Priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla gathered the people late at night on the 15 of September and made the bells from his church sound giving “El Grito de Dolores” where he encouraged people to take arms and fight for freedom.

Each year on the night of Sept. 15 at around eleven in the evening, Mexico’s president rings the bell of the National Palace in Mexico City and then gives a shout of patriotism where he says the phrase “Viva…” and then the names of the heroes of the war. After each one the people scream “viva”  and at the end he shouts three times “Viva Mexico!” and waves the Mexican flag before signing the National Anthem.

This day is one of my favorite ones! The plazas are decorated with colorful paper ornaments, the environment is full of Mexican music and stands selling typical dishes such as enchiladas which are my ultimate favorite dish.

It was a bit sad to be far away from my beloved country on this special date, but I have Mexico in my skin and just because I was away it didn’t mean I couldn’t celebrate it.

I got together with other Mexican friends and we cooked “tacos” and “chiles rellenos.” We played mariachi all night and we had a huge screen where we were streaming the president in Mexico city.

We all yelled along with him “Viva Mexico!!”


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