Farewell (and thank you) to our fall team

We have reached the end of our fall semester here at Texas State University and that means it’s time to say goodbye to our fabulous fall team of interns and volunteers.

But before we say farewell, I’d like to first say thank you to each of them for their incredible efforts and dedication to VoiceBox Media’s mission.

And I’d like to brag a little bit by giving you a few numbers:

The team wrote nearly 50¬†posts this semester, including the one about World Toilet Day and 20 reasons why Cambodia is still on Chelsea’s mind.

They produced a special project: Children on the Edge and carried it from inception to reality, spreading awareness about the humanitarian crisis occurring on the border by using audio and visual storytelling.

They covered a 3-day lecture series on campus that examined child slavery, and they wrote about their own experiences abroad.

They secured radio interviews for me and distributed our message on various social media platforms. With your help, our social media manager worked to increase our Facebook audience by 11 percent this semester, and our Twitter audience by 43 percent. This semester alone, nearly 80,000 people saw our posts on social media and 13,400 people visited our site (a 50 percent increase from the previous three months).

What do all these numbers ¬†mean (besides applauding our team’s effort and your engagement)?

It means that societal problems are being examined, reported on and written about. It means that stories are being told and MORE IMPORTANTLY, that they’re being heard, read and watched by people like you who can go make a bigger difference in the world.

In the same breath that I thank the team, I thank you for being engaged with us.

Interested in joining VoiceBox Media’s spring team? Click here!

(Photo illustration by Roy Quismundo)

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