Here we are – a month-and-a-half after our official formation, and things are looking a bit different at VoiceBox Media. It’s hard to verbalize how excited I am right now at watching this passion and dream come to life, but the one word that resonates with me at this season in VoiceBox Media’s young life is: connection.

To say that the pieces are falling into place is an understatement. They’re colliding into place, bouncing, and echoing off of each other, richocheting, causing ripples, waves, however you want to say it…it’s happening. Connection is in the air. I don’t think one day has gone by that someone has not called, emailed, texted, Facebooked, Tweeted: how can I get involved? What can I do to be part of this?

One example: I was in municipal court earlier this week for a speeding ticket, and took some VBM paperwork to work on while I waited. A man sat down two chairs over and struck up a conversation. We made small talk at first, but before we know it, I’m talking about my passion to tell people’s stories and change the world, and he’s talking about his medical mission trips. Connection made.

Sometimes it’s just really that simple.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with me and with VoiceBox Media on this world-changing adventure. One person can’t do it alone, but with all these connections we’re unstoppable.


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