Children on the Edge has changed me; maybe it will change you too

I am excited to be working with VoiceBox Media in their “Children On the Edge” series this fall because I can’t think of more important time to dive into the immigration topic head first. Not only will this series help me come next November, but I believe it will help me be a better neighbor to the people I am surrounded by every day.

On a very base level of thinking, I have always wondered how, with all of America’s intelligence, we could let so many people slip under our radar. In the first three weeks of working with VoiceBox Media, I have learned more than I have in the last five years.

I have had my eyes opened to the reality of the violence to the south of the U.S. and I have had my heart grow in desperation to help the mothers and children fleeing violence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. In a more shocking reality, I have had my eyes opened to the living conditions of the migrants within our own borders.

Migrants resting on a concrete floor of detention center. Reused with permission from Creative Commons.

Basic Rights

In a recent article published by The Daily Beast, it was reported that an immigrant detention center in Dilley, TX is a major source of income for Corrections Corporation of America, or CCA. This facility, The South Texas Family Residential Center, brought in $65.9 million of revenue in the second quarter of 2015, to be exact.

To summarize, a company that many American citizens hold stock in is making astounding profit from sheltering migrants in inhumane conditions, while we argue the political correctness of these people residing in our country. I think the bigger issue is that we are talking about humans, not policies.

I will note now, this is not my cry to immediately grant citizenship to every migrant because I do realize some are unlawfully crossing our borders with no intention of seeking asylum.

However, it would be completely inappropriate overlook the migrants needing safe living conditions. The CCA has already had facilities shut down due to the inhumane conditions these people have been deduced to. Where is there hope for any human who flees violence just to arrive to similar adversity?

The Washington Times reported that in similar detention centers employees are turning a blind eye to rape and sexual assault that is occurring and denying basic health care.

My hope is that as our nation works to implement the answer to this issue, we may come together to help these people desperately seeking safety. I would never want a family member of my own to have a blind eye turned to their need for safety and as a neighbor to the mothers and children, my hope is that we stop turning a blind eye to these issues.

I grew up in a purely conservative household, where both of my parents felt no need to hide their political opinions and made no hesitation in handing their views down with the rest of my genetics.

During my time in college, I have made vast efforts to develop my own stances. I think it is critical for young Americans to stay up to date with our society, world and government, so that we can make advised decisions at the poll and in life.

Otherwise, what did our forefathers fight for?

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