Child migrant ‘crisis’ has 65,005 faces

They’ve been called an issue.

A crisis. A flood. A surge.

Illegal. Undocumented. Unaccompanied.

They are alone. They are children. They are 65,005 faces.

We will listen to them. We will tell their story. We will #HearThemOut.

When we, the team here at VoiceBox Media, gathered for our first planning meeting of the fall, the 10 of us present engaged in a brainstorming session to decide the social topic we wanted to collaborate on for the next four months.

Fifteen to 20 topics quickly filled the whiteboard.

We agreed on one. Or, rather, 65,005.

The number of children entering the United States from Mexico and Central America has grown exponentially in 2014. While official numbers total 65,005, others estimate the number to be closer to 90,000.

There are humanitarian organizations reaching out to provide services to the children and their families (if their families traveled with them). There are policies and procedures and governmental decisions.

There are questions.

What happens to the children? Where do they live? Who feeds them, provides education and healthcare? What is society’s responsibility to them?

Opinions are both galvanizing and political.

Through the course of this Special Report: Children on the Edge, we will explore the policies, models, organizations and people working to bring service and solutions to these children and their families. We invite you to engage with us on our social media platforms and to follow this series using #HearThemOut.

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