#ChallengeSMTX: Are you up for it?

The city of San Marcos, Texas, is flexing its mighty social media muscles with the hashtag #ChallengeSMTX. What is #ChallengeSMTX and what does it have to do with the river and school? Well, you can literally google it! Or keep on reading. (Or watch this PSA).

San Marcos is using #ChallengeSMTX to address litter that is flowing into the San Marcos River. By challenging participants to pick up one piece of litter each day AND taking an epic selfie or video of yourself picking up this lucky piece of trash (or recycling), participants will instantly feel really good about themselves because nobody wants to wallow in trash.

And let me clarify something about the trash.

It doesn’t rain often, but when it does here in Texas, IT REALLY COMES DOWN. So that piece of gum wrapper you’re picking up could’ve potentially freestyled its way to the San Marcos River come the next storm if you hadn’t taken the noble task of doing the #ChallengeSMTX.

So, even if it seems pointless to pick up trash away from the river, it really isn’t!

What do you think? Doesn’t it seem cool? Are you going to take up the challenge? Let us know on our twitter @VoiceBoxMedia_ and maybe we’ll do something cool. Maybe. : )

In the meantime, check out Council Member Lisa Prewitt‘s video!

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