Celebrating Universal Children’s Day

Twenty-five years ago, the world promised the children that we would do whatever it takes to protect their rights, to make their voice heard, to ensure them a prosperous life, education, development and for them to reach their full potential. What we promised was to allow kids to be just that: kids.

The more we read about the countries we have been covering the more my heart gets broken.

I read a story about a girl in Ecuador that says she got used to seeing buried bodies of girls with their uniforms and their backpacks. This terrified me. Not only because of the horrible image she described, but because of her words, “I got used to.” She was only 12 years old. No kid no matter the age should get used to seeing that kind of violence. No kid should be living that violence and with the fear that they could be next.

I know that there are still old and new difficulties that are combined and have deprived many kids from their right but we have old and new resources to help them too.

I want to encourage everybody that is reading this post to help give the kids an opportunity to be kids.

Get involved in any organization that works with them. It can be to donate either your time or money.

Remember that the kids are the future of our world. Help us save our future.


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