Brittani Hammock: So much to do as our internship winds down.

Preparing for the VoiceBox Media Event has been so much fun. This week we could really see how the event is perfectly falling into place. We got all of the footage shot for the video, started finishing up the presentations and posted fliers around the Texas State campus to promote the event.

Shooting the footage for the video was my favorite part this week. A lot of laughing was involved. We got to use the studio at the University Star, and we borrowed a high tech camera from Old Main. We all sat under the lights and talked about what we have learned and what we have loved about our internship at VoiceBox. The final product will be riveting, for sure; especially the blooper reel!

James and I have been finishing up our Ignite Presentations and making sure that it looks great for all of you.  The beginning of our presentation and introduction to VoiceBox Media, and their history will be done by me. James will wrap up the presentation by sharing everything the interns have accomplished this semester. It has been a walk down VoiceBox memory lane for both of us.

We’ve also gotten fliers designed, approved and posted around campus. I designed four different fliers, and then presented them to the VoiceBox team. We all voted and pulled the best parts of each flier and then combined them into one eye-catching flier. Then James went and got it approved by the Campus Activities and Student Organizations at Texas State. They signed off on it and James went and posted all over the Texas State campus.


This next week will be bitter-sweet. The event and the end of our internship are only 10 days away. I am so excited about our event, but then sad knowing that it marks the end of our internship. I hope to see you all there to learn more about VoiceBox Media and to send the summer 2014 interns off with a bang!

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