Bora, Ethiopia 2013

We are excited to announce that VoiceBox Media is traveling to Africa for the second time this year!

This time we will accompany Doma International Nov. 8-18 as they lead a team of 12-15 medical professionals to Bora, Ethiopia. The team will spend several days setting up clinics in rural mountain villages, and also working out of the Hidota Health Center in Bora, which they built three years ago.

Doma International and the people of Bora, Ethiopia have a story to tell and they need VoiceBox Media to help them tell it.

“It’s astounding how many people can be impacted by one reporter going to Ethiopia,” said Amber Kaufman, medical coordinator and project director.

We invite you to help us get there by making a donation to VoiceBox Media. Tax-deductible donations can be made for this trip. To do so, please contact Holly at

About the trip:

Bora is a remote village in the southern part of the country. Amber met with the chief of the village four years ago and he told her he’d prayed his whole life for a medical facility for his tribe. In July 2009 she met with the elders of the village and they gave the go-ahead to begin work on the clinic, which opened last year.

One of the things Doma focuses on in Ethiopia is caring for women in childbirth and providing education. Amber, a nurse practicioner, has developed a currciculum to educate women on the warning signs of childbirth going wrong to hopefully catch the problems before they escalate. For every 1,000 children born in Ethiopia, 77 will die between birth and age one, and 94 percent of births are not attended by a midwife or doctor. There is one nurse at the Bora clinic who sees patients at the clinic, but primarily visits women in their homes.  

Twice a year Amber leads medical teams to Bora to set up clinics there and in the rural mountain villages surrounding it. She estimates there are about 10,000 people around Bora, but the government doesn’t keep statistics for Bora. They estimate population based on the number of fathers. The nearest hospital is a 6-mile hike down the mountain to Chencha where one doctor serves 50,000 people.

How can you help?

We need a mule.

No, really, we do. There’s a 6-mile hike (after a 12-hour drive, after an eight or nine-hour flight) from Arba Minch to Bora, and our luggage is carried up the mountain by mules.

Help further the work of Doma International in Bora by enabling VoiceBox Media to shout their story from the rooftops. You can pitch in for our flight, mule, translator, lodging, food, etc., by making a donation to VoiceBox Media OR to make a tax-deductible contact Holly at

Thank you in advance for making this story possible!!

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